To Establish and strengthen Social & Economic standard. To promote Odiya culture, social and economical issues of our society. Organize cultural events and share with the culture of other states to understand the values of Indian culture.

To arrange awareness program for Family planning, Dengue, Aids, Polio, Flue, Women and child care & run various camps like blood donation and free eye checkup, cataract operation etc. with supervision of IMA, WHO. Operating of medical institutions with a view to provide treatment for the poorest of poor in the society.

To provide qualitative health facilities of the neglected and poor people.

To Provide Free Education and Support take over and manage education center and institutions for the weaker sections of all sectors from pre nursery to higher education by seeking recognition and affiliation from Govt. Authority or concerned department.

To promote Education, Health and Elimination of poverty.

To ensure people's involvement in developing a society wherein peace, justice and equality prevail.

To ensure gender equality and freedom from discrimination

To Promote national consciousness among Girls & Develop women skill.

To Arrange shelter for home and hope less senior citizen and orphan children with the support of Govt. Authorities

To Provide primary and higher education, tuition, training for orphan children

To take care of our old age people and arrange home for them.

To implement outreach and comprehensive community based rehabilitation programmers in Rural and Urban Environment

To promote to clean river, pond and other polluted areas, the plantation project with the help of Govt. Authorities

To focus on plantation will be on coastal areas to minimize high tidal wave and dangerous cyclonic storm.

To develop of SC/ST/OBC in India, research & analysis of their life style, promote their art, culture, language, education, health care and economi