The Lord Jagannath Society of Delhi is Non-Government Organization is working since 2007. The Society was formally registered under Society Act -1860 in 2011. It established for the integrated development of the Poor, Religious, Cultural, and Educational. The Lord Jagannath Society of Delhi provides Social & Cultural Development, Health & Nutrition, Free Spiritual Education Support, Rural Development, Slum & Women Skill Development and It also provides human services by conducting various philanthropic activities. The Lord Jagannath Society of Delhi is an autonomous Social & Cultural to promote the Jagannath Darshan organize cultural events to develop Indian Culture, Language and Art by celebrating with the culture of other states to understand the value of Indian Culture. Establish and strengthen Social & Economic standards, Co-operation, National Integration, and brotherhood nationwide without any cast, colour and creed. Ours team of Volunteers provide long-term as well as short-term management support services to development initiatives. We specialise in the creation of multi-disciplinary teams where the domain perspective and the management support capabilities provided by LJSD. The teams are capable of addressing and resolving an assortment of needs. We develop and implement monitoring, evaluation and learning systems for projects and programs. In addition, we possess expertise and experience in pre-funding, mid-term, and end-project appraisals. We also develop and conduct training modules in domain and management related areas in which we work. We have developed and continue to develop standards and indices to measure the health of organizations.